Laboratory № 8 – Mechanics of Polymers and Composites


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Head of the Laboratory: Vladimir Evgen’evich Yudin, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, chief researcher



Investigation of the relationship between mechanical properties of polymers and multicomponent polymer systems and their chemical structure, supramolecular organization and composition; study of deformation and degradation processes; development of the scientific basis for preparation of films, fibers, fibrous composites, nanocomposites, and nano/microencapsulated systems with a set of predetermined physico-mechanical and functional properties.


The group of microencapsulated systems was organized in 2007 for purposes of study and design of micro/nanoencapsulated systems.


  • Microencapsulation of lyophilic compounds by coacervation.
  • Microencapsulation of lyophilic and hydrophilic compounds by laminar jet break-up.
  • Microencapsulation by deposition of polyelectrolyte layers and formation of nanosized coatings.

These methods can be used for design of medical and veterinary preparations and biologically active compounds with prolonged and pre-programmed action for peroral administration and injections.


Lines of research

  • Development and study of novel thermostable structural composites on the basis of structured polyimide binders with high fracture toughness.
  • Micromechanics of destruction of fibrous composites based on thermostable binders modified with nanoparticles of various morphologies.
  • Preparation of new film-forming and fiber-forming nanocomposites on the basis of polymer scaffolds and inorganic nanoparticles. Investigation of their electrophysical, transport, and mechanical properties.
  • Preparation of one-, two-, and three-dimensional scaffolds for cell technologies; development of medical purpose materials on the basis of biocompatible polymers and nanocomposites; studies of structure and properties of the products.
  • Development of solid-liquid nanocomposites based on microencapsulated liquid fire-extinguishing agents; investigation of properties of these nanocomposites.
  • Synthesis and studies of delivery systems for protein-based pharmaceutical preparations.


Владимир Юдин

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